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"Awakening Inner Awareness"

Who We Are

Metanoia Services was created to advance human awareness and inner wisdom.  We were formed to educate the general population about spiritual, metaphysical, transpersonal, psychological and physical wellbeing.  We facilitate and support individuals and groups through processes of personal growth.


We offer resources to help people better understand their life’s personal path and broadened purpose.  Individuals learn to balance body, mind and spirit while developing a positive sense of self.  Individual ego-centeredness, judgements, assumptions and  justifications are transformed.  Participants learn to move through life challenges with grace, knowing their responsibilities and place within the global community.


Metanoia Services consists of professionally qualified and experienced teachers, speakers and  facilitators from national and international arenas. 


We all welcome the opportunity to assist those seeking enlightenment, greater love and creative expression. 


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Metanoia is a 501(cx3) non-profit corporation.

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