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"Turn Toward The Light!"

About Us



Metanoia Services exists in great part because of our founders Barbra Dillenger and Michael Makay.  For many years Barbra and Michael studied the principles of metaphysics and educated and supported a special coterie of students, healers, and educators around the world.  Their goal was to offer resources to help people better understand their life's path.  We share here a brief biography of each of our founders.  More on them and on some of the people devoted to further supporting the work of Barbra and Michael can be found in our Board and our Affiliates links on this site. 


Barbra was a transpersonal development counselor and teacher who began working in the psychological and metaphysical arena in 1968.  Up to her passing in 2017, she continued her leadership in bringing human awareness to the general public through her channels, writing and learned work.  She was trained by some of the most outstanding quantum leaders of our time.  She held a doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences and both an M.A. and B.A. in education and psychology.  In 1981, Barbra was encouraged by divine guidance to walk the beach in a quiet and meditative state.  There she gathered visions and lessons left by the ancient masters.  This material came to be known as "To Walk with Kings."  The gathering of this ancient spiritual wisdom led to a series of groups which continue to meet to this day.  She structured the groups after the great Mystery Schools of old and was joined by her husband, Michael, in sharing and teaching.  Metanoia Services is the extension of these groups to the broader public.


Michael graduated from Marquette University with a degree in Classics.  He completed four years of theology study with the Jesuit order.  He has deep knowledge of Tarot and Enerology, which is the energy behind numerology.  He held various positions in counseling, teaching, and lecturing until joining his wife, Barbra, to co-facilitate the transpersonal study groups.  More information on our founders can be downloaded from “HERE."    ( link to founders information)

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