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“Change Your Life!”



  • Registration confirmation will be emailed within 24 hours.   

  • Site directions, parking information to follow within a week

  • Accessible Parking & Drop Off Area in Driveway (signs will be posted.)

  • Please arrive at the beginning of your session & you will be able to choose your reader/healer and appropriate time slots.

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(All classes will require 2  hours for presentation.)


MUSCLE TESTING:  The body has both within and around it an electrical network which is all energy.  Because energy runs throughout the muscles in your body, if anything impacts your electrical system, your muscles will "short circuit" or weaken temporarily.  Using your muscles, we can find where an event or emotion has tripped the circuit.  This is called applied kinesiology or simple muscle testing.  It is often very easy to pick up and practice improves accuracy. 
It is a whole new way to communicate with your body for health.  (West Leffingwell/Mary Krut)


BILLETS aka REMOTE SENSING:  In this class, participants will discover messages hidden in written form by using remote sensing.  Great fun and many times profoundly clear messages for the individuals.  (Isebella Stewart/Jill Estensen)


PENDULUMS:  Pendulums are often used as tools for spiritual healing, inner growth and answering questions. 
The class teaches the student how to prepare the pendulum and the self to answer simple questions.  Several forces work on the pendulum, Gravity (downward spiral); Tension (upward); the Self (motion).  (Isebella Stewart/Jill Estensen)


CRYSTALS:  This class consists of the identification of specific minerals, their physical and energetic properties, how to clean them, use them and wear them.  


CRYSTAL BOWL CLASS & SOUND HEALING:  Informational talk on Singing Bowls and how they heal plus 2 or 3 healing sessions.  Learn what makes crystal singing bowls so special, techniques for playing, and how to use them
to clear physical and emotional patterns that cause disease.  


AURA READING:  Learning to sense the subtle energetic fields that surround physical bodies (plants, animals & inanimate objects).  Learn how to use your 5 physical senses to see, feel, hear, taste & smell these subtle fields.  

Solstice Gathering.


Greetings Everyone, 

We are really looking forward to seeing all of you!  We have so much news to share... Metanoia is growing and expanding and we invite you to join in.  We will have more info at Solstice.

Love & Blessings to all






Please carpool if you can...there will be parking on the street and spaces up front for Handicapped. 

Reiki Level 1 and

Body Talk brain balance techniques.


Metanoia Services is happy to continue our education series with a workshop focused on energy therapy as self-care. 


On Thursday evening October 3rd in Solana Beach, members Mary Joy Neuru and Mary Ellen Krut will host an informative lecture and Sound Healing session. 

There will be Reiki Level 1 training and attunements offered in a workshop on October 5 & 6. 


Join us to learn Reiki Level 1 and Body Talk brain balance techniques. Full information can be found in the attached flyer.  It's going to be a powerful time and the Sound Healing is free if you sign up for the workshop. You must sign up and pay in advance to reserve your seat.



Twice a year Metanoia Services offers an event complete with healers, readers, wonderful food and an array of items for sale.  These are Metanoia Services’ celebrations of and for our community. 


A Taste nurtures many hearts, souls and bodies.  New connections are made, old connections rebirthed, fascinating readings are available.   A day filled with joy, inspiration, exuberance and mindful celebration. 


Join us to celebrate YOU! 

SAVE THE DATE January 25th!


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