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“Create your future with conscious choices…”

Meet Our Board Of Directors

PRESIDENT:    Susann Gabriel - I was born in Hollywood 1/7/44 and raised in West Los Angeles. I’m a Capricorn and 8 timing cycle! I have a BA in Sociology from Santa Clara University. I spent 2 years in ‘public service’ before a year in grad school studying Social Work. John and I married in 1968 and raised our 3 children. We have 6 grands between 3 and 11 years old and have lived in our Costa Mesa home for 50 years.

Spiritually I evolved from a year of Christian Science Sunday School to Catholic convert

for 39 years to Buddhist for the last 20 years. In 1996, I met a student of Barbra

Dillinger’s who started a ‘temple class’ in Orange County every Thursday. When she

died I joined Barbra’s Thursday class. One class we visited Steve Sky and his

Portalhedron. I was blown away. We were able to pay Steve to make one for Metanoia

Services which resides in our Dream Catcher Ranch living room.

Rather than a job history, I have a volunteer history. I spent 15 years in the Junior

League getting myself ‘trained’. Although I prefer hands on work with people in need, I

served on my county hypnotherapy association and my horse breed’s national Boards.

My favorite service was 16 years as a hospice and trauma volunteer.


VICE PRESIDENT:  Mary Ellen Krut - is a member of the International Body Talk Association with a clinical practice in San Diego, CA. She incorporates many healing modalities in her clinic including Body Talk, Source Point, Heart Math, Healing Touch, and Reiki.  Mary Ellen holds the position of Vice President of our Board and is serving her second year. Beginning in the 1980's, Mary Ellen has been using intuitive decision making in a career that spanned Fortune 500 business development work and personal one on one balance sessions in clinic. She has a variety of Board experience that matches well with supporting Metanoia Services mission and goals. She believes that the body is made up of many parts beginning with the physical body and extending to the far reaches of the universe. In helping each individual understand this about themselves there is a growth in the light for all of mankind. 

SECRETARY:  Valery Alean, B.A. (Ottawa University) – I find most biographies boring and especially my own. Having lived on this planet for quite some time, I have held a myriad of jobs (from Artist to Zookeeper) and lived in dozens of places from New York City to San Diego with many points in between.

Currently, I am the Secretary for Metanoia Services, Inc., am an assistant Librarian for our Portalhedron/Library in Bonsall, CA, and teach Tibetan Numerology. The latter I have been doing for over 30 years at Oasis Adult Education and privately.

My serious foray into metaphysics started in the early ‘70’s at Kyros Institute. There I met Barbra Dillenger, psychic extraordinaire, who fast became my mentor. Through her Metanoia was created. Upon her passing we, her students, have taken hold of this non-profit educational tool to help not only ourselves but our communities in support of their life’s quest.


Like all of you, I strive to keep life and limb together. I do so by house/pet sitting and being a personal assistant to several clients. I am a record keeper, historian and a writer. As you might guess I love to read and to travel is a passion when my schedule and funds allow.


Ahammmmmm, (stretch) Goodnight.

TREASURER:  Donna Dircz - Treasurer, owned and operated DC Systems Consulting, Inc., 
a software consulting firm, for 38 years.  DC Systems (DCSC) provided software analysis, development and implementation support to many Fortune 500 companies in the Minneapolis, St Paul MN area for many years.  In 1998, DCSC branched out into public sector consulting and the SAP ERP arena.  Clients then became Federal government agencies including the NRO, NGA for the DoD and several affiliated DoE businesses.  DCSC employed consultants as well as sub-contractors.  It was on the Federal Govt's GSA schedule.


In 2016, Donna retired from consulting and since she had been a student of Barbra Dillenger for many years, she became involved with Metanoia and has continued since Barbra's passing.


DIRECTOR OF THE METANOIA LIBRARY AND CONTACT PERSON FOR THE PORTALHEDRON:  Linda Laborde - Linda has studied different healing modalities and transformational techniques for over forty years.  linda has helped many adults, children, and animals through her Theta Intuitive Distant Healings and finds great joy in helping other to connect with their own healing powers.

Calling upon her vast experience with real estate and retail management, Linda is now the force behind "Harmoniously Yours", where she serves as a personal assistant who will restore organization, balance, and beauty to your home.  Linda's services include design,decorating, event planning, organizing, shopping, and staging consultation.


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